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As a result of meeting a fan while working in St. Regis, Osaka, I have been invited to perform a couple of songs from Many Splendid Things in the Tokyo area.  The occasion will be a celebration for the co-founder of said fan's dance studio.  Two songs from my CD happened to be his favorites, Tennessee Waltz and The Very Thought of You.
There will be two concerts with dancers performing while I do my renditions of these songs.  Performances will be in February at two different locations, in Kamakura on the 19th and at the Nakano San Plaza on the 22nd.
As for the latest press, it can be distinguished from the previous presses by more brilliant colors on the cover, as well as more pictures and information inside the CD.  There were also so slight improvements in the sound, particularly in Sweet Lorraine, We're all Alone, and Fly Me to the Moon.

Gearing up for what will be hopefully the gold version of this album, with significant improvements in the sound.

Hero (video on the job.)

Posted on October 12, 2012

A lot to say but little time

Posted on February 26, 2012
A busy schedule fact, totally full. Working six days a week, in school (the current courses related to post-production) and starting to put together several volumes of writing that have accumulated over the years.  So, the whole self-promotion and blogging effort is on hold.  But just to quickly review last year, it was very favorable in terms of CD sales and production.  Sales of Many Splendid Things continue at a brisk pace, as well as the second press of the new CD, Best Thing to Come which is now in its second press. Learned how to master and digitally encode CDs but still working on a final facet of audio production that will result in a cleaner sound for future presses.  
The first round of recording of the next CD is already complete, but the several hours of live sessions are still under review to determine which songs will become a part of the new album, hopefully to be ready for release late in the springtime.

There have been a lot of questions about the still unreleased second press of "Best Thing to Come," so here's the simple answer.
Essentially its the same CD, but for those who demand to know the exact differences, here they are:
Three songs were slightly altered.  "Imagine" is mixed with the saxophone a bit more subdued and and subtly supported by a touch of hammond organ.  The vocals on "Lovely Day" are a bit more subdued and the rhythm section is a bit more out front. Background vocals on "My One and Only Love" are absent during a few seconds of the song. Thats it.
Unless you have a very high end stereo system, or "golden ears" you won't hear the other changes which include a higher level of Analog to Digital conversion, and a wider range of the harmonic overtones on these three songs.

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