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Album Cover

Many Splendid Things - Walter Clark, a legendary artist whose natural voice and relaxing musical style has been compared to great artists like Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, and Michael Franks. Especially created for music lovers over 40, but has found appeal in folks of all ages.  Featuring such timeless tunes as Autumn Leaves, What a Wonderful World and Stardust.  This will be the third press of a CD which was released in 2006.  It has been remastered.


Before I tell you more about this CD let me tell you what it is Not. This CD is not:

Perfect. Not artificially engineered so that if you were to hear the same thing live you would be disappointed. Most people who have heard me live say the live version sounds better...probably because I feel that playing for an audience is much more inspiring than playing into a recording machine. There are no recording tricks, such as using computers to pitch shift and make my voice sound perfect, as if I can hit notes that are out of my range, or hit every note like a machine. And if you're looking for something that was done on a computer and is perfectly balanced, according to today's standards of what constitutes a "good mix," you might as well look elsewhere. It was a lot of fun making this CD, but, because I'm not a sound engineer, it was also a lot of hard work, and the best I could do at the time. Too many happy customers have told me that they listen to it every day for me to worry about what music critics might have to say. The lessons learned from it are helping me make the next one better.

Its not overly instrumented and thus hard on the ears......overwhelming.

Over the top.....I'm just doing what I naturally do every night

Overly showing off how many notes I can play in the shortest period of time as a pianist.

Its not so much about me at all. Its about showcasing the beauty of these timeless melodies. Of course, if you come to happen to like my performance in the process, that's an added bonus!

What is is:

A live recording...lovingly made by hand, without a computer or any software.

The basic core of drums bass keyboards and vocals were recorded live. Other tracks were added later to fill out the sound, but the quartet and vocal fundamentals are live, just like my live performances, so its natural sounding.


Relaxing but won't put you to sleep. My intention in recording this album was to make something relaxing for people during their commute to and from work, or for relaxing at home.

Different. As Billie Holiday once said, "If you play a song the same way every night its not jazz."  I play some of these songs every night, and to keep my work interesting, I play them differently each time.  You may find that my interpretations of these songs are notably different from the "cover" version.

A Good Product. I'm proud of the time, work and love that went into this quality product, and so confident of it that I created this album's own special website, and am offering a Money Back Guarantee that you will like it. But don't just take my word for it. Read some of the customer reviews. Listen to the sound samples and enjoy it for yourself. Also, although this CD sells for $25 in Japan, I am offering it here at a reduced price, just so you can get a chance to enjoy my music.

Since its release in 2006 this CD continues to sell and bring joy to many listeners around the world.

A word from the artist:

Greetings and thanks for visiting my site. My name is Walter Clark. I am a professional musician and the creator of Many Splendid Things, an album that was designed especially for you to enjoy and relax to at home or while driving in your car. If you are young and just beginning to take an interest in the jazz standards, the selections on this CD will give you a sample of some of the most enduring and popular songs,  uniquely arranged and presented with a some more contemporary rhythms.

Let me tell you a little more about myself. When I say I'm a professional musician I mean that I've been doing this full-time for many years. I started working 5-6 nights a week in 1983. Since that time I have consistently worked at the same pace for 26 years. If you were to add up all the "down time," including vacations and time looking for work it would come to less than 5 months. That's less than 5 months in 26 years! I've worked in various cities in the America, most notably in the Washington D.C. beltway area and am now performing in Japan. I perform in hotels and nightclubs, do weddings, dinner shows, private parties and have also worked as a narrator and television actor. I have also done radio commercials and produced my own radio program. I have performed nightly in the Ritz Carlton Osaka, Japan for extended engagements during the last 4 years.  Currently I am performing at three venues in Japan, The Ritz Carlton hotel in Osaka, The Bar in Pizza Salvatore in Osaka and Sandaya in Kobe.